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“To see is to believe”; a lot of people stand on this principle, especially men. That is why, regardless of how you tell them about the effectiveness of Bathmate, they will still ask for proofs regarding the authenticity of such claim. And there is no other way to show the effectiveness of Bathmate than showing photos to prove it. Here are some of them from men who actually used the product and had first-hand experience on its effects.

Before and After Photos


About Hercules and Goliath

Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax products

Bathmate comes in many forms to fit the needs of men who have varied penis sizes. As for the basic hydrotherapy penis pump, Hercules is the perfect pick. Through the years, it proves to do its job well. In fact, even men endowed with large penis still use this to maximize the size that they can get. As it become famous and was adopted as men’s fad, a model product surfaced in response to the call of men who are already endowed with big sizes. This model was named “Goliath”. This is 30% bigger than Hercules and so far, the largest penis enhancer you can find in the market these days.

How to Use


Regardless if you are using Hercules or Goliath, you will need to add water to the pump. Once filled, attach it over your penis.  As you pump it back and forth, water will be forced out and pressure will build inside. As the pressure builds up, there will be increased blood flow in your penis too. This will cause the organ to increase its size.  Witness the progress of your work as you place the handy gauge on the side. Take note that Bathmate Hercules or Goliath is 250 times stronger compared to its standard air pump counterparts. Hence, progress is expected to happen faster too. Its success rate is 95% so expect 2 inches increase in your penis’ length and 40% on its girth.

Benefits Offered

A lot of men are not satisfied with the size of their penis these days. Hence, it matters most to them to attain the size that they want. If you are among these men, it is worth considering to try Bathmate products. In fact, this was named as the “Revolutionary Hydro Penis Pump”. Get 2-5 inches more in length in just 6 months of regular use.

Aside from the size, Bathmate addresses other health concerns too like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. A lot of men using this product reported that this part of their sexual concerns were resolved when they started using Bathmate too.

Bathmate is the first in hydro penis pump technology. This gets rid of surgery and made penis enlargement a fun and easy task to do. Its quick benefits put smile on men’s faces as well.

Designs Available

You have 3 design options; red, clear and blue. This means there will always be something that will fit your personality most. However, this does not include extras so once you receive the product, don’t be surprised to only get the pump itself. You can always choose to order extras if you want such as cleaning kits, comfort pads, storage bag or straps. The strap is needed when you intend to use bathmate while having your shower. This will help hold the equipment in place, especially for big ones such as Goliath.


More than 20,000 men in over 60 countries are now enjoying the use of Bathmate. And the benefits it offers are overflowing. More than just growing your penis, they have seen great improvement in their bed performance as well. They never had that rock hard erectionuntil they use Bathmate. Increased sensitivity is also noticed, giving them stronger orgasm. Even initial use shows visible results. But permanent effects can only be attained after months of regular use. By stimulating erection, Bathmate resolves erectile dysfunction issues as well.

Final Words

If you want results, use Bathmate. This is perfect for anyone who does not wish to go extreme. However, expect permanent results to be slower than Hydromac Xtreme can offer. Hercules and Goliath are made with the finest quality material too. Hence, they will always be worth your investment. For starters, these two can be your perfect choice. These are ideal for casual users too. If you are looking in growth for length only (not width),consider extender like SizeGenetics. You can find the effectiveness of extender in this peer reviewed research paper.